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Feel like you are going in and out of the same souvenir shop over and over? It is high time you pay us a visit. Surrounded by restaurants and bars in a famous Prijeko Street in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, our little gallery and a shop offers all kinds of value for money authentic Croatian handcrafted products, including natural cosmetics, homemade food, limestone jewellery and home decorations…. in a feel-good atmosphere

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Art and Craft

Art and Craft

Local Delicacies

Local Delicacies

Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

The Story of

When we started our family business sixteen years ago, we wanted to give our store a unique name that embodies what we offer and where we offer it.
The name „Medusa” was created, based on the Greek mythology. There are different versions of the story, but the most common one is about a beautiful priestess of Athena, who forgot her celibacy vows and married Poseidon. For this offence, she was punished by goddess Athena by turning her beautiful hair into venomous snakes. Since then, anyone who would look at her face would be turned into stone.
As the great walls of Dubrovnik are made of stone, as well as the head of Medusa is found on the armour of the greenmen on the city bell tower, we thought it would be a great name. We do not know when Medusa had a chance to look at this part of the world, however, it left behind pure beauty of the stone on the Adriatic sea or her essential nature, the one of beauty. Medusa gift shop, as a charming shop, could be the proof of that, so welcome! Also, greetings to all Medusa shops worldwide!

New Arrivals

New art & craft items in Medusa Shop. We are glad to present you some of them. 

Hand made silk ties

Hand made funky iron fish

Small ceramic cups&jars

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A Charming Shop for Charming People