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About Us

We rented a van from Slovenia sixteen years ago to start both a family and a small family business inside the walls of the Adriatic jewel. We were inspired by the idea of a unique gift and souvenir shop presenting Croatia in one place by offering handmade Croatian products.

We believe that people who come to Dubrovnik want to bring home something authentically Croatian. This is why everything we offer is made by artisans, many of who, we know personally from all over Croatia using local materials and ingredients.

The story of our little gem on the busy street of Prijeko is still being written. We hope you take your own role in our story!

Our Promise to You

At Medusa, the phrase, “each item tells a story”, is more than just an empty slogan. We would love to give you a detailed tour of our shop. 


Be Authentic

Forget the tacky postcards and souvenir ashtrays – when you want an authentic gift to remember Dubrovnik by, we’ve got it covered!


Go Organic

Indulge yourself with natural skin care and beauty products made of local ingredients based on traditional recipes – your skin will thank you!


Get Creative

Want to have a unique memory from Dubrovnik? Imagine your own ideal fully personalized handmade gift, and we will deliver!


Respect Local

If you want to feel the rhythm of local life in the Old Town, respect it!

The Story of Medusa


When we started our family business sixteen years ago, we wanted to give our store a unique name that embodies what we offer and where we offer it.
The name „Medusa” was created, based on the Greek mythology. There are different versions of the story, but the most common one is about a beautiful priestess of Athena, who forgot her celibacy vows and married Poseidon.

For this offence, she was punished by goddess Athena by turning her beautiful hair into venomous snakes. Since then, anyone who would look at here face would be turned into stone.
As the great walls of Dubrovnik are made of stone, as well as Medusa is found on the armour of the greenman on the city belltower, we thought it would be a great name. We do not know when Medusa had a chance to look at this part of the world, however it left behind pure beauty of the stone on the Adriatic sea or her essential nature, the one of beauty.

Medusa gift shop is certainly the proof of that, so welcome! Also, greetings to all Medusa shops world wide!

Handmade & Croatian & Original


NATURAL COSMETICS We offer creams, lotions, essential and massage oil, perfumes, soaps, bath salts… All products are handmade using traditional methods. They contain a high proportion of olive and almond oil and essential oil. We do not use additives, preservatives or stabilizers, nor artificial colours or products contain no parabens, PEG or SLS – only pure fragrances. The essential oil ; natural ingredients that make your skin happy. None of the products were tested on animals.

LIMESTONE CRAFT A special part of our shop is given to limestone craft. And we are not talking about any stone. It is the white limestone used to build Dubrovnik walls, Diocletian Palace in Split and many churches, cathedrals along the coast.

HOMEMADE FOOD Truffles, honey, jam, cookies, spices, tea, liqueur, oil… is just a small part of our offer of food made by Croatian producers using natural ingredients only. Just a small hint for all men looking for a gift – ladies love our dark chocolate with lavender and almond accompanied with pomegranate liquor.

ETHNO PRODUCTS The traditional culture of Croatian regions is best presented in our cautious choice of ethno heritage and local products of rural areas. Some of our products are also on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as Licitar-Hearths – Croatian traditional gingerbread craft, lacemaking from northern Croatian town Lepoglava. and wooden, handmade toys with ethno decoration.

FASHION PRODUCTS If you are looking for an appealing gift, you can’t go wrong with our high quality handmade fashion products by Croatian designers available at affordable prices. Have a peek at hand painted silk scarves and handstitched ties.

HOME DECORATIONS Bring home a piece of Dubrovnik and give it a very special place in your home as to indulge yourself in Croatian charm. Whether you are a fan of ceramics or metal, animal shapes or saints, angels or replicas of cultural heritage – we have it all and more!

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