About us

We rented a van from Slovenia ten years ago to start both a family and a small family business inside the walls of the Adriatic jewel. We were inspired by the idea of a unique gift and souvenir shop presenting Croatia in one place by offering handmade Croatian products from a simple fact – Dubrovnik was filled with tacky generic souvenirs mass produced overseas. No offense to China and Indonesia, but we believe that people who come to Dubrovnik want to bring home something authentically Croatian. This is why everything we offer is made by artisans we know personally from all over Croatia using local materials and ingredients. The story of our little gem on the busy street of Prijeko is still being written. We hope you take your own role in our story!


The Story of Medusa

When we started our family business ten years ago, we wanted to give our store a unique name that embodies what we offer and where we offer it.


The name „Medusa” was created, based on the Greek mythology. There are different versions of the story, but the most common one is about a beautiful priestess of Athena, who forgot her celibacy vows and married Poseidon. For this offence, she was punished by goddess Athena by turning her beautiful hair into venomous snakes. Since then, anyone who would look at here face would be turned into stone.

As the great walls of Dubrovnik are made of stone, as well as our favourite limestone jewellery, we thought it would be a great name. We do not know when Medusa had a chance to look at this part of the world, however it left behind pure beauty of the stone on  the Adriatic sea or her essential nature, the one of beauty. Medusa gift shop is certainly the proof of that, so welcome! Also, greetings to all Medusa shops world wide!

Our Team

At Medusa, the phrase, “each item tells a story”, is more than just an empty slogan. We would love to give you a detailed tour of our shop.  

Croatia, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Mediterranean area, Adriatic Coast, One of the 'Zelenci' statue ('greenies') at the town Belfry and bell by Ivan Krstitelj Rabljanin

Fun fact

Did you know that the green men or bronze statues called Maro and Baro, on the bell tower of the city of Dubrovnik, wear Medusa’s face on their costume (arms and their belt)?