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Best Sellers

Two best sellers chosen by our visitors! Natural and handmade soaps with sea salt and olive oil in three different scents: lavender & cinnamon, citronella & eucalyptus and orange & mint. Body lotions are made by different kinds of cold pressed oil, spring water and pure essential oil.

(C5) Natural & handmade soaps

(C7) Body Lotion; olive oil, lavender & macadamia, 165ml

Our Cosmetics

Cosmetics items in Medusa Shop. We are glad to present you some of them. 

(C5) Natural & handmade soaps for hands, face & body, 100g

(C4) Package of 6 bars of soap, 6 x 30g

(C1) Bath sea salt; lavender, rose, berry, apple & cinnamon, orange & cinnamon, Darjeeling tea, 30g

(C19) Facial creams: chamomile & black cumin, immortelle & wild rose, hazelnut & bergamot

(C17) Solid perfume: grapes, olive, rose, lavender, 15g

(C16) Lip balm: grapes, olive, rose, lavender, 15g

(C10 a) Face cream for dry and mature skin, 40ml

(C10 b) Face cream for normal and sensitive skin, 40ml

(C10 c) Face cream for oily and problematic skin, 40ml

(C11 a) Facial cream Anti age, 75 ml

(C11 b) Facial cream Intensive night cream, 75 m

(C11 c) Facial cream Vitamin, 75 m

(C8 a) Body lotion with almond and shea butter, 165ml

(C8 b) Body lotion with apricot and sesame oil, 165ml

(C8 c) Body lotion with olive oil and macadamia, 165ml

(C13) Hand cream hemp and shea butter, 75ml

(C13 a) Hand cream almond and cocoa butter, 75ml

(C13 b) Hand cream olive and lavender, 75ml

(C6) Shaving soap with sandalwood and shea butter, 50g

(C5) Natural & handmade soaps, 100 g

(C7) Body Lotion; olive oil, lavender & macadamia, 165ml

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